Sunday Sentiments: Dealing With Disappointment

Disappointment can be one of the most debilitating emotional responses to overcome.  Oftentimes it is the people that are closest to you that are capable of the most damage.  Disappointments in marriage, relationships, parenting and friendships are among the most challenging to come to terms with.  In your mind, you envision a certain way things should unfold.  You think that as long as you do your part, everyone else will do theirs.  You trust that what you give is what you will get in return.  Wishful thinking.  If only life’s challenges were as simple as a 5th grade math problem!

I’ve learned to deal with disappointment by accepting this simple truth: “Disappointment is the distance between reality and expectation.” (Joyce Meyer)  Think about it.  What is the reality of the situation and what is your expectation of the outcome?  If your expectation is high, your disappointment will be greater if it falls short.

Similarly, many of us have heard the expression: “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”  We are the only ones we can control.  People will disappoint you but your response will make you stronger!  You can choose to wallow in disappointment or rise above it.  The choice is always yours!

One of my favorite sermons was given by Elder Selena Berkeley in the Bronx, NY and it was entitled: “I’m coming out of Dis!”  It was a powerful message where she encouraged everyone to stand strong in the Word of God and let go of disappointment and hurt.  The Latin prefix dis in itself has a reversing force and negates the affirmative.  Consider disability, disrespect, dissatisfy, dishearten and disown – just to name a few.  Choose to live in the affirmative and come out of dis mess!

There’s always room for hurt and disappointment when you allow people into your inner circle.  It’s a chance we all take as loving, caring individuals who enjoy mutually sincere relationships.  There are things that you would never do as a friend so you expect the same respect in return but it doesn’t always work out that way.  Friendships come and go – the real ones will endure.


Understand your reality and control your level of disappointment.  When disappointments come, and they will, you can still have joy!

Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy unspeakable! 




Sunday Sentiments: Overcoming Offenses

“And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.” Matthew 11:6  


I love the Word of God.  His Word helps me in my everyday life.  This scripture in particular is a longtime favorite.  Although Jesus spoke these words to His disciples over 2000 years ago, His Word still carries a power-packed punch and is a resourceful arsenal of weaponry with very practical uses today.    


According to Strong’s Concordance, the word “offended”, as translated from the Greek, means “to entrap”, also to trip up, to stumble, or entice to sin.  This message, in context, was in response to the inquiry of the imprisoned John the Baptist who under the duress of his captivity questioned whether Jesus was indeed the Messiah.  John’s faith was shaken for a moment as he must have hoped or expected that Jesus would free him from prison somehow.  It was a reasonable expectation but not part of the Father’s plan.  In simplistic terms, I imagine Jesus’ message to John was: “Don’t be enticed into doubting Who I am because My ways are not your ways.”  When our own faith is prodded and poked, and things are not unfolding the way we hope and expect them to go as Believers and followers of Christ, we are challenged to remain in faith. There is a blessing in remaining faithful.

A practical use of this scripture for me is when dealing with offenses.  People say and do things that offend us on a regular basis.  How we choose to respond will play a factor in our own peace.  “And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.”   So if I am in Christ, a Believer, a Christian then I don’t get offended – period.  As difficult as it is to reign in my emotions, I purpose in my heart to stand strong in the Word of God and not react unfavorably when people offend me.  “Woe unto the world because of offenses for it must needs be that offenses come; but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh!”  Matthew 18:7    Offenses will come.  The offenders will be dealt with.  My hope is in the Word of God and if I stand strong, and take a simple action to walk in the wisdom of His Word, just by not getting offended and allowing my emotions to get the best of me, then I’m one step closer to living in the perfect peace He promised me.  I’m one step closer to my blessing!

Peace and Blessings to all that will listen and take action.