Road Trip

A great vacation doesn’t have to be far away.

One of my favorite road trips was traveling with my 3 sons from New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hurricane Irene was making her presence known and threatened to thwart our pre-scheduled vacation plans. compact carIt was almost a given that our home’s power would be interrupted and candle lighting is never the safest solution to illuminating an old, dark house. Traveling south together in our compact car, braving the strong winds and intermittent rain downpours was challenging.  We made a couple of pit stops along the way and had an opportunity to check out multiple gift shops on our path. The duration of our car trip was just short of 4 hours but it was time well spent. We were together, as a family, facing the inclement weather head on to reach our desired destination. We held on to the assurance that if we took our time and drove as carefully as possible, we would arrive safe.

When we reached our destination, a beautiful local Lancaster Resort, the sun was shining bright and the winds were calm as if we had traveled outside of time. The hotel’s staff were all on high alert in the event that Hurricane Irene made her way further south but offered the added comfort of assuring us that back-up generators were charged and ready to go, our safety was their priority and we were not alone. We spent the next 4 nights and 3 days enjoying room service, fine area dining and all of the sweetness of Hershey Park.  Lancaster, Pennsylvania, though relatively close to our home state, offers the warmth and welcoming comfort of any home away from home and will remain one of my favorite road trip destinations for ages to come.


Have you considered a family road trip lately? How about an adventure by rail?  Traveling doesn’t have to mean “far” or “expensive”.  Some of the best trips are just a few miles away!

Contact me to explore your next road trip adventure today!





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