Travel Agents: A Better Way. 5 Reasons Why You Should Use One

In a world where limitless information is just a click away, many choose to book their travel on their own. And that’s okay, but what if there was a better way?

What if you had a dedicated advocate, someone to help you plan and strategize along the way?

Here are 5 reasons why travel agents are a better way and why you should use one:

1. It’s not just business, it’s personal. 

It takes a certain kind of person to be a travel agent.  First, travel agents have to like people – all kinds of people, each with their own ideas, wants and preferences.  Travel agents, the good ones, take their time to get to know you.  Learning as much about you and what you like, what you want to do and see, they carefully craft these activities into your schedule.  This is just one of the expert skills travel professionals use to meet your needs.

2. It’s our job to know.

How can a travel agent possibly know more than what’s published on the internet?  Simple.  It’s our job to know.  In the fast-paced industry of travel, we are charged with the task of keeping up or falling behind.  Agent education programs, agency meetings, webinars, product knowledge classes and weekend coffee chats are all in a day’s work.  The hours travel agents put into their profession can not be measured on a regular punch clock – the hours worked are countless.  But when you love what you do, happy friends are the greatest reward!

3. Got time?


We all know that time is a priceless commodity.  “Time, once gone, you can never get back.”  If you value your time, use a travel agent.  With a wealth of resources and insider information at our fingertips, saving you time is an invaluable asset amongst the many services we offer.

4. Money, Money, Money!

piggy bank

Who doesn’t want to save money?  Travel agents have immediate access to limited-time offers, incentives and perks that can save you money!  Some offers are only available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Taking into account your budget, agents work together with preferred partners and vendors to secure the best value for your buck!  There are deals and promotions you will not find on your own surfing the web.  Saving money on your vacation package gives you extra spending cash while you’re away and can help you pay the deposit towards your next trip!

5. Phone-a-Friend

phone booth

Unlike in the popular game show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, your “Phone-A-Friend” lifeline never expires.  We are here for You.  We care about You.

On a recent trip, I noticed a woman crying at the cruise terminal and I approached her.  She was there with her husband, four children and her mother.  The tears were streaming down her face as she shared that she lost one of her son’s passports while she was checking in.  My heart sank for her as my TA senses kicked into high gear.  It was the weekend so the Department of Health and Vital Records office was closed and obtaining an expedited copy was not an option.  “Is there anyone at home that can fax a copy of his Birth Certificate?”  I asked.  “Everyone is here”, she responded as she looked over at her family in despair.  I prayed quietly within myself for her and her family.  Although I was not her travel agent, I felt her pain.  As faith would have it, she reached out to her son’s old football coach who had a copy of his Birth Certificate!  And with only 26 minutes before the ship would sail away, she boarded with her family.  I never told her I was a travel agent.  I never handed her a business card.  I was simply overjoyed that her long-awaited family vacation was not ruined by an unfortunate mishap.  And these are the stories we live for – happy endings.  These are the kinds of challenges we will face with you and fight for you!

girl on a swing

Like many other travel professionals, I chose this profession to enable me to spend more time with my family.  I wanted a job with flexibility that would allow me to see my sons’ school performances, accompany them on school trips, or just see their faces when they walk through the door after school.  I chose this profession because my family is important to me – and your family is too.

I look forward to hearing that your loved one overcame his fear of water as he swam with the dolphins.  I want to see the pictures of your smiling faces as you pose in front of the Eiffel Tower.  I want to know that I was instrumental in helping you plan a perfect travel experience!

Choose a better way today!

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