Stupid Cupid!

And just like that it happened again!  Call it a stirring, a spark, a sudden twist of fate, whatever it was, it was definitely at it again.

Tonight would be the test.  It was only two days ago I decided it must be a fluke.  Deep down, however, in the depths of that secret place, I could hardly wait for this day to come.  The moment I saw him again I knew it was back.  The butterflies, the curiosity, the running imagination.  He was beautiful.  It wasn’t in appearance only.  It was his mannerisms, his obvious dedication and commitment to his work, his firm yet soothing voice.  His defined muscular arms, legs and frappachino-toned skin were the side orders.  Surely the kids must have been wondering why I had taken the time to put on one of my newer blouses, contact lenses and my “lucky” diamond earrings – only worn on special occasions.  There’s something about those butterflies that knock you back to those adolescent years.  The age when your choices are dictated by the hope of getting that one boy’s attention.  Stupid cupid!

I lay in my bed. My thoughts are directed towards him.  I close my eyes and hope to see his face, imagine what it would be like to caress his back and kiss his lips.  He was a welcomed distraction, even if only in the imagination of my mind.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s not too late to book your romantic getaway!


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