Slam Flunk? As if I know anything about dunk contests.

aaron gordon
Photo: Courtesy
It was the ultimate Slam Dunk Contest between the reigning champ, Minnesota Timberwolves’ Zach LaVine, and Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon. After watching last year’s competition, commemorated by LaVine’s ode to Michael Jordan’s Space Jam, I was pretty certain I would never see another dunk quite that spectacular again — until yesterday.

I tuned in just to see what Zach was going to do. I didn’t even know who else was participating or if there were any true contenders amongst the various commentators’ conversations. My son often said, “Watch out for Aaron Gordon, he’s a beast!” A what?  I suppose I should have paid more attention before seeing what I saw.  From 360’s to behind-the-back cradles, reverses to rotating hoverboards, double pumps to free throw line flying (yes flying!), it was far more than my adrenal glands could take.

Shouting sons, ringing phones, barking dogs and constant exclamations of “Oh my goodness!” filled the living room as we watched one of the greatest displays of athleticism unfold before our eyes. Aaron Gordan literally sat down mid-air, legs extended!  I don’t remember who else participated in the event. What I do know is that this exhibition should have come with the warning, “Don’t try this at home” as my teenager heads out to the gym early today, no doubt to practice a few dunks of his own.

It’s one thing for a tall, lean shooting guard to catch air like that but for a massive power forward to fully clear an overstuffed mascot (no pun intended) without taking it’s head off, well that demonstrates a completely different level of strength, agility and skill.  At one point it was declared that this year’s trophy was “headed to Orlando”.  Nope. Not this time. In the words of State Farm’s Mrs. Hooper (aka DeAndre Jordan), “We’ve been robbed!”

If the dunk contest is a distance competition, then I get it, Zach won the final round. But if it’s a competition between who can execute the impossible, who can do what has never been done before, then I’m still confused. Although the hazel-eyed hero emerged victorious, Aaron Gordon won that contest — even if only by a h-air.

You be the judge

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