Just write, Right?


It’s the advice you get from nearly every author, so why is it so hard to do?  

As I thank my Keurig just for working this morning, I consider the reasons why this is a challenge for me. I love to write. I always have. A good story begins with a pen. Books, movies and even theater performances that make you feel something have often caused my heart to leap with joy or crumble in anguish.

As living human beings, I think we all have the urge or inkling to do something other than what we’re doing on the surface. There’s a whisper within us that we want to release like a roar and share with the world. We want to prove that we are not just another standing piece on an assembly line. Whether it’s an academic or athletic accomplishment, an artistic creation or invention, there is an innate desire to be more, more than average. And why shouldn’t we be? We are great! “Fearfully and wonderfully made” actually. (Psalm 139:14) But what does that mean? This scripture, this truth, reminds me of a popular urban expression: “I’m scared of you!” (2 snaps) It’s the common accolade often given to someone when they are fiercely dressed or getting ready to step out of their comfort zone and do something bold! The remark lets the receiver know that they are a force to be reckoned with, a lightning bolt in a dark place, and everyone else should watch out, or step aside as they make their presence known.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have been carefully crafted by the Almighty Living God! We are more than average. So why are some of us soaring above the clouds and the rest of us struggling and dragging our feet? Is it a lackluster level of urgency? Are some of us more committed and dedicated to “getting it out”? Are we being held back by fear? Laziness? Discouragement? Doubt? For me, it’s been a combination of all of the above. When I sit to write, although I’m passionate about it and wish I could write all the time and live comfortably without a care in the world, I don’t feel productive. I feel guilty. I have real responsibilities and no time to take a break from them. I’m bombarded by thoughts that I should be working, or sorting mail, or paying bills, cleaning or exercising or studying. Surely everything else is more important than writing. Everything else is more important than doing something I love to do. But is it? When I am doing all of these other “things” that I must do, I do them out of necessity and with drudgery. They are burdensome to me, an ever-pressing weight on my shoulders. When I write, I am fulfilled. My soul is nourished. I am inspired and I am happy. And when I return to the mundane “must dos”, I am energized with strength and tenacity knowing that I’ve taken a step towards my fearfully, wonderfully made self! So just write! Alright?

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